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Inflatable Bounce House Rentals in Az

Body Zorbs $395 for 3 or $595 for 6(1 staff included)

Body Zorbs RentalsBody Zorbs RentalsBody Zorbs RentalsBody Zorbs Rentals Outside or Inside: In a sports hall or outside on grass, on astrotuft or sand, with or without an inflatable arena, these Zorbs go almost everywhere- with you in them! Super easy to set-up and pack-up; Zorbs take just minutes to inflate at the begining of the day, as well as to deflate when done using. They do not need to be adjusted/re-inflated each time someone gets in or out. We set you up, and you're good to go!

Schools: Can use it as part of a P.E. program, game sessions, or to just give the kids a lesson on gravity as they tumble away, experiencing what it would be like to be an indestructable acrobat!

Birthdays: It adds epic fun to any Birthday party!! Freestyle, play BodyZorb Battle, or BodyZorb Soccer- You can really have limitless fun in these.

Weddings: Kids and adults will play on these all day if you let them, adds so much fun, and not to mention what great photo ops!
Concession/Fairground: It can be very profitable if ran in a city center, holiday park, seaside resort, etc. as a 'pay as you go' ride. You can charge $3-$5 for a 5 or 10 minute play times, and have as many bodyzorbs in operation as you can handle. If it's busy, put everyone in at the same time, after five minutes change everyone out. If it's not so busy, swap people out one at a time. This really has limitless opportunities for a 'pay as you go' ride. BodyZorbs allow everyone to participate and start at the same level, regardless of other sports ability. After a simple explanation riders can easily get themselves in and out of the bodyzorb without any help!! (see video!)

BodyZorb Sessions: Generally after a 5 minute introduction, children will be allowed to play freely, practicing rolls and crashing into each other. This can then be followed by a couple of games such as...

Bodyzorb Battle!! Try to avoid falling over while knocking others over, last Zorb standing wins!!
Bodyzorb Soccer!! You can tackle by knocking others over, often played with 1 goal and 2 teams. And don't worry, the whole point of the Zorbs is to be as close to indestructable as possible- all in good fun!